Municipal Energy Benchmarking

We believe in the power of data! From our experience in working with local governments and helping them to benchmark their municipal utility accounts we know that data becomes a roadmap for:

  • Project Investment
  • Energy Action Planning
  • Targeted awareness efforts

Benchmarking identifies buildings that operate inefficiently, tracks results of energy efficiency measures, and helps local governments comply with California’s commercial building energy disclosure law, AB 1103. Quite simply, knowing what is being spent, where and why—well, that is a necessity for any smart planning to take place.

Municipal Readiness Reports

"Be Prepared."

We’re not an office full of Boy Scouts, but their motto certainly makes sense when it comes to local governments and energy efficiency.  For too long municipalities have addressed energy efficiency when fix-it issues arise or as a result of directed grant funding.  We believe local governments can be proactive in their energy efficiency investment decisions and that a Municipal Readiness Report (MRR) is just the tool to lead the way!

The purpose of a MRR is to assist cities and counties in identifying energy efficiency measures (EEMs) and to be a catalyst for implementation by creating a blueprint that removes uncertainty throughout the process and provides a sustainable plan for municipal energy efficiency projects.

Advanced Project Assistance

Energy efficiency projects can fall into a hole of incompletion for any number of reasons, but the most common reason is lack of staff to see the project through "from cradle to grave."  We serve as that municipal staff support to ensure that a project makes it over the many hurdles in the project lifecycle and is completed with energy and cost savings for the local government.

Sometimes it’s the little pieces that make a project too much to move forward with support services to cover the time-intensive administrative duties, a local government doesn't have to worry about being stretched too thin to take on a project. We offer support services that can be selected on an a la carte basis or as a whole, depending on the needs of the participating jurisdiction. By serving as the project lead and contracting on behalf of the municipality, we can remove the barriers that hold back many local governments.